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After Bissell was Richard Mc Garrah Helms as head of the Institute for Defense Analyses who served as the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from June 1966 to February 1973.Helms began intelligence work with the Office of Strategic Services. Both men were MI6 operatives (this is an opinion of Scrivener) and they could be relied upon to maintain strict secrecy as to the final fate of the Romanovs...", acc. The four daughters of Tsar Nicholas II spoke English with a slight Belfast accent, wrote Gareth Russell, historian.Margaretta Alexandra Eagar, from Limerick, 1898 until 1904 a nanny at the Russian Court. 1863, an Irishwoman, 1906 she wrote a memoir entitled 'Six Years at the Russian Court'; she was born to a Protestant couple, Francis Mc Gillycuddy Eagar and Frances Margaret Holden; a medical nurse in Belfast, nurse to the daughters of Nicholas II in 1898.This structure had a military - intelligence - political nature.On April 28, 1961, President Kennedy explained what is meant by the term: "The Communist conspiracy". Only the United States has the power and the resources and the determination.We read The Address in Chicago at a Dinner of the Democratic Party of Cook County on April 28, 1961: "Mayor Daley, Governor Kerner, Senator Douglas, Congressman Dawson, Chairman Cullerton ... We have committed ourselves to the defense of dozens of countries stretched around the globe who look to us for independence, who look to us for the defense of their freedom.

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IDA was a Pentagon think tank set up to evaluate weapons systems.

Those who have studied the roots of this complex structure, the most common commit certain substantive and methodological mistakes, runs the risk of retaliatory attacks and ridicule, and even fully social ostracism. Lenin was preceded by a Swiss spy named Pierre Gilliard who was hired to tutor the Romanov children in French. " The Emperor's four daughters had a Belfast nanny, Margaretta Eager / Margaretta Alexandra Eagar, ...