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We just try to show that."] and see the world is a wide, beautiful place filled with different kinds of people," said Kreisberg. Labs, generally, so she stands up to these boys and is not afraid to take any crap." At some point, we'll see Panabaker become one of Flash's rogues, Killer Frost.

"Being one thing doesn't preclude you from being in a relationship or being a superhero. She admits to annoying Kreisberg by picking his brains or suggesting ideas on getting there.

At first glance, The Flash is a superhero television show that is as enjoyable as it is successful; comic-book fans are satisfied.

But what it's also doing quietly is broadening its audience outside the base by being one of the most diverse superhero television series to date.

Diversity is something that's always been celebrated in science fiction and fantasy, and the current climate of comic-book adaptations, be they movies or television shows, is allowing for opportunities that were not there when these characters were originally conceived.

In the comics she's traditionally a white woman with red hair but Patton's honest portrayal as Barry's tormented but perfect love interest tethers the cast. Lab team and, arguably, the heart of the series, has been overwhelmed by the support of the Latino community."Using Spanish as part of the dialogue really furthers that," Valdes explained. It's so great to play a strong female character who is intelligent and successful in her own right.

Do you have a preference when it comes to playing a hero or a villain?

Right now it’s great that I get to do both to be honest.

One of the great things about our show — and living in a world with alternate realities — is you can’t have too much fun.

We really get to push it and try as many different things as possible."This isn't anything -- it shouldn't be anything special to have a smart Latino character, because we're employing casting that reflects the world we live in. In the real world we live in, we have smart people of all types." Perhaps that's why Valdes' favorite Flash rogue is Mirror Master. One could read into his character, but Patrick Sabongui bears the weight of portraying a man who may have been raised in a traditional conservative culture, is a leader at his high upstanding position in law enforcement and is openly gay."One of my favorite scenes of the year is when Captain Singh is hit by lightning," Kreisberg shared. When you sign-on to a TV series you imagine you’ll be playing the same character for the run of the show — however many seasons you’re lucky to get — but the fact that I’ve already gotten to do so many different things has been such a joy.

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