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To use voice chat in "World of Warcraft," you must install and enable a microphone on your computer, and then enable voice chat in "World of Warcraft."Plug your microphone in your computer and click "Start."Click "Control Panel" and then select "Ease of Access."Click "Speech Recognition" and then "Set up Microphone."Choose the type of microphone you will use. Other microphones included in this group are built-in and array microphones.

Click "Next."Read the sentences while the wizard adjusts the microphone volume.

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I was playing normals with 3 friends and my friend's cousin joined the lobby out of no where.The system can distinguish between male and female voices, and interpret multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish. It isn’t clear how the analysis works (how does one measure “mystery”? We tried it twice and the percentages changed, though overall results were more or less the same—mysterious and sensual, while hopelessly wanting in sophistication and intensity. The bot then kicks you to Skyn’s website, where you can check out which of its condom boxes suit you best.The voice analyzer is meant to be a promotion for its newest Unknown Pleasure collection, a grab-bag of warming, cooling, tingling, textured and even cocktail-flavored condoms.Place a check mark in the box labeled "Enable Voice Chat."Choose a chat mode.

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You can choose to have your voice chat "Voice-Activated" or "Push-to-Talk." If you are playing in a noisy environment, you may prefer to use "Push-to-Talk." Select a key in the "Key Binding" field. Click the "Chat" tab and you are taken to "Chat Channels."Select one of the available channels by right-clicking a channel and selecting "Enable Voice." You are now able to talk in voice chat.

Open "World of Warcraft" and then open the main menu.