Usps tracking not updating christmas

13-Feb-2017 08:10

If there is no insurance and this is not a priority mail package, you must refund the buyer ASAP and accept the loss as part of the cost of doing business.Always insure any item you do not want to cover out of pocket if loss or damaged.I refunded the buyer and filed an insurance claim with USPS for .49 shipping. OP if this shipped via Priority it’s got built in insurance of .I have been having this problem a lot lately and I wish I had better advice but the best advice I can give is insure all packages, keep open, empathetic communication with your customer, and contact your local post office and see if they can provide any information… Somethings have just been delayed for a while thanks to severe weather (we had major flooding in the Northwest.) and the holidays…

The delivery status for this item has not been updated as of December 1, 2015, am." https://com/go/Track Confirm Action?

Package unaccounted for while in “Out For Delivery” phase …

As unlikely as it may seem, USPS delivery vehicles are sometimes targets for theft during the Christmas season.

Of course with UPS you might run into same problem I did. my amazon Seller Central site still not working and I have an item in my inventory that is not even mine.

Been working on that one for days and still no trained support member to fix the problem.

Please note: If you're shipping to Puerto Rico (or Guam), please select ' United States' as the Country and input ' PR' (or ' GU') for the state at checkout.