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15-Mar-2017 02:20

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But under pressure from the international community, Thailand is getting tougher with its online security.

It wants to ensure that it is in favour when it comes to trade agreements and diplomacy with Europe and America.

To fall in with the big boys, Thailand is expected to start regulating online copyright infringement, and help the NSA gather information by invading the privacy of its citizens and guests by investigating their online activity and reporting back to big brother.

The aptly named “snooping initiative” began in 2013.

You only have to check the news reports to see evidence of this.

But it's not just about those criticizing the country and its politics, Thailand is also getting tougher on spammers, lawbreakers and of all things, copyright infringers. Thailand is the last place on earth you’d expect to get in trouble for copyright infringement, particularly when this has always been the one place people come to get their yearly supply of fake handbags, bootleg DVDs and Polo shirts.

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The group are regulating content related to pornography, terrorism, drugs, spam, phishing and copyright infringement.

Instead it is sometimes conducted with low-tech and affordable techniques such as misusing root certificates, employing downgrade attacks in order to circumvent encryption online, and using IMSI catchers in order to intercept content and other data from mobile phones.

More profoundly, it is also achieved by establishing a political system and a legal framework that allows informal and easy access to communication service providers.

I don’t want to be accused of spending time on inappropriate sites after innocently clicking a link sent to me in jest by a friend from the other side of the world, or in Thailand.

Moreover, I have been hacked before, and it isn't a nice experience when all your personal information finds its way into the hands of a criminal network. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that secures your computer's internet connection to guarantee that all of the data you're sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.It will the buy who responds to a comment on a forum criticizing the government. The authorities want to get past the political problems of the past few years, and part of that means making sure people don't share negative media or write negatively about Thailand on social networking platforms and forums.Oh, and that Thai guy that sells all those fake DVDs at your local market, yes, he'll still be there while you're negotiating your fine. This means that dissidents and their friends are being monitored; so be careful who you're friends with on Twitter and Facebook, and what you watch, share and download.But Thailand has had to step up its game in this regard.

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