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With the recent news that Demi Lovato is leaving Sonny With a Chance to focus on her music career, I think it's time to bid a proper adieu to the beloved Disney show.The show had already announced that it was changing names (So Random!

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#Chabby #Stabby Gabi takes Stefan to task and reveals her resentment towards “Gabby.” @Marci Miller @billymflynn @camilabanus @Tyler2929 Monday, July 16, 2018 JJ takes the fall in order to help Theresa. He rushes back to the hotel while Belle and Shawn discuss his mother's marital issues. " She asks where they are and he explains they're in Hong Kong on a business trip. The last thing she remembers is seeing Kayla about her bad headaches. Stefan lies that she was brainstorming for Gabi Chic. On the next Days of our Lives: Chloe has a secret admirer.

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Disclaimer: This site has a link only policy for content - no copy/paste. She and may not be used without written permission. Maggie warns him not to work too hard and to take time for himself. Sonny admits this is hard for him but he has to move on. Maggie tells him this is the first time they've been alone since she moved in. He has PTSD from seeing Vivian nude under the fur coat. At the Di Mera mansion, Vivian texts Sonny back as Leo. She finds him attractive but worries he's not being catfished. Maggie doesn't think they should underestimate her. Inside, Will looks at The Spectator's website and learns they're looking for a reporter. Introductions are made and when Sonny and Leo take their seat, Sonny mentions he was engaged to Paul and married to Will. Paul and Will leave and shortly thereafter, Leo asks Sonny out again for another date.