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This could mean the difference between getting a reply to a message and it being ignored. If someone does not have at least some grammar or spelling skills, I don't reply back. I do not think those who do not have perfect grammar are less intelligent. (I don't always use perfect grammar)also I do not reply if they use words like: wut, supp, holla, sexy, itz, i, chillin, bored, or if they miss use their, there, they're, your, you're ect. I do not message guys back when they say they are bored. I do not want someone messaging me because they are bored. When one receives an email, the first thing that is seen, is the picture if it is present and also the subject line. You may wish to include some of these helpful phrases...would you like to sample my tube snake? If the senders photo doesn't spark an attraction some won't open the email they just delete it. Just don't sit there every night hitting "Refresh" like I did for the first couple months.... I will definitely not meet someone before seeing a recent picture and having some sort of physical attraction. We want something that makes us smile and shows that there is thought in the message. The only trickery I have ever experienced is when I block someone and they create another "fake" account and try to restart communication with me.

OP- remember women are the fish, guys are the fisherman at that with online see all sorts of bait skittering across the water, yet with that shiny fly hits the water, they are mesmerized..have to go for it..though it leads to their means- be the shiny can only do so much about your natural good looks or lack of good can't really show them your money or the size of your package on here...means- its all about your words..are you gonna interest her?

how can you get her to open up YOUR email and respond to you?

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