Shyness and dating

11-May-2017 03:48

Be aware of when your perception about a situation comes solely from these negative thoughts in your head, and then consciously choose to ignore them. Realize You're Not Being Judged: Do you ever refrain from approaching someone because you are worried about what people around you will think about you?

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You need to stop listening to all of this negative talk in your head.You need to realize that people around you are not talking about you or thinking about you at all.They aren't because they are doing exactly what you are doing, i.e., thinking about themselves and what is going on in their own lives.If you’ve never had a girlfriend, or it’s been years since you’ve kissed a girl, then how can you possible be confident?

Some people tell you “Just fake it ’til you make it! but for me personally that type of overly simple motivational advice just never worked.Do you say “Yes, I am a shy person.” When you say that, you are accepting that being shy is just part of who you are – that it's part of your identity.By you telling yourself (and others) that you are a shy person, you are negatively affecting your own mindset. One of the first, and most important ways to overcome shyness is to be conscious about eliminating it as part of your identity.And the problem is, women will rarely give you these “green lights,” even if they DO like you.