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26-Jan-2017 12:26

Furthermore, this is corroborated by Rupa Goswami in his Laghu Bhagavatamrita that Rama appeared in the Treta-yuga of the 24th yuga cycle.There are 71 cycles of the four yugas in a manvantara period, which would mean the appearance of Lord Rama would be about 18 million years ago.These include hamsa (swan), karandava (coot), kraunca (pond heron), Mayura (peacock) and sarasa (crane).These are all visible in the region even today,” said Krishna.According to Krishna, Valmiki knew what he was writing about.“Unless he was thorough about the topography, geography and ecology of the region, he could not have provided such sharp and precise observation of the time, place and location,” she said.

Valmiki has not erred anywhere while specifying the plant species, flowers and wild animals,” she said. This is because they were killed by poachers over the centuries.

According to Krishna, the Ramayan is geographically very correct.

“All sites in their route are still identifiable and has continuing traditions.

Ravan’s botanical garden was known as Ashoka Vana because of the presence of Ashoka trees.

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“The evergreen Ashoka Vana could be described as a garden where nature is portrayed in all its glory,” said Amrithalingam.

All 182 plants (including flowers, trees, fruits) mentioned in the Ramayan have been found to be true.

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