Rules to dating my son

12-Jul-2017 21:10

He has his heart and soul wrapped up in taking you out, for whatever reason that may be, and he has a heart of gold, very simply, you will not take advantage of him. And therefore, I simply will not hustle your shapely little behind down my front steps to dump you in the trunk with your precious packages and UPS the entire bundle to Tibet, either... However, in order to ensure that your shirt actually does not expose any unintended flesh, I will feel free to helpfully use my hot glue gun to fasten it to your midriff and or chest. Should you show up with your face painted garish colors and reeking of perfume like the Whore of Babylon, I will take great pleasure in helpfully introducing you to a scrub brush and a bar of Lava soap...

I'm sure you've are enlightened about sex, and have all the latest information on diseases and methods of contraception.

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Movies that feature chain saws are okay as long as they aren’t R rated. I have a pistol, a shovel, and five acres behind the house. Should you decide to pay for the date, remember that it takes very little for me to mistake the sound of your car revving in my driveway for a group of Emo chicks coming over for a rave (see Rule #1).However, his post about the rules to date his daughter set me to thinking.If we have rules about how the young men are to comport themselves when they plan to date someone's princess, shouldn't there ALSO be a few regarding the behavior of the young women hoping to date our handsome princes whom we are sending out into the world to slay the dragon, protect the castle, defend the honor of the princess whom they hope to someday receive as the queen of their castle?Thank you for your interest in dating my wonderful son.

I, and the rest of the planet, have seen this photo going around social media like wild fire the last few days. It gave me a chuckle as I pictured the over-protective daddy wearing that shirt. But you know what? I have sons, not daughters, and they've got one over-protective Mama too! My boys are… continue reading »

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