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Anthony and LJ had arrived home from school about an hour before Tony got home.

Tali was already doing homework when her brothers came home.

Since she was the only one in the kitchen with him, she brought up the invitation to the eighth grade dance."Abba, Aaron asked me to the eighth grade dance." Tali decided to just be forthright with her Abba.

"You know Aaron; he lives on the corner where the school bus picks us up."Tony stopped slicing the tomatoes.

He asked for Aaron's last name, and I also told him that Aaron's father is NSA and his mother is FBI." Tali knew that the parents would be checked by both her Abba and Grandpa."Good.

Would Aaron come over to talk to me and your Ima one day this week? " Ziva had heard only the last part of the conversation."Aaron asked me to the eighth grade dance, Ima." Tali explained. Why did her parents (and Grandpa) make this into such a big deal?

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She looked up when Tony and Aaron came into the room. Tony spoke next, "Remember that you must have her home by the time that we arrange before the dance. You must also not do or say anything to embarrass or disrespect her to others. "Ziva added, "You are not to go off with her alone at the dance.He knew his parents and Grandpa had checked out both Aaron and his parents before allowing Tali to go to the dance with Aaron. Remember to treat my sister right and there will be no problems." Anthony smiled at Aaron, but somehow Aaron did not feel any less nervous. Aaron tried to put the wrist corsage on Tali's arm, but his hands were shaking.He was very glad his dad had talked him into a wrist corsage instead of a pin on corsage!The boy sat down nervously and then noticed that Tali's grandfather was also in the room. Tali was finishing getting ready, and Ziva was helping Tali fix her hair.

Ziva had also allowed Tali to use some makeup, helping her daughter apply blush, mascara and eye shadow.

LJ had no homework, so he helped Grandpa with the steaks.