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The author of the e Mail.mentioned quoted his uncle Aaron.

Aaron - believed to live across from the Weizmanns in Motol - said that "the Weizmanns were so rich" that.... Certainly many of us take some things for granted nowadays - sugar, for example.

His wife is Jennifer and they have 1 child/////////////////////////////////////////////// Loralee.

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Meltser Shimen Itskhok son of Zvi of Vishnevo was my father; Sore Sheyne nee Rabinovitsh was my mother.

Our family; my parents, brother and sister and I were driven away from the ghetto by the Germans and their assistants; local Policemen.

We were taken into the black smith building that was erected during the time of the Soviet rule.

The building was located on the Dubinski Street (now Sovietskaya) .

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The Aktion took place during the second Pogrom, They put us in groups of eighty people each and transfered us group by group to the killing field.One other person was able to jumped and run away after me, It was Ele Mlot.I spent some days in forest, than returned to the Volozhin Ghetto where I was hiding in a nook.His son Yaakov was born in 1879 in Haslavitz and settled in Eretz Yisrael with his mother about 1880.

A study on the star Al Rischa in Pisces relating it to scriptural truths. There are no historical records of three naked eye visible comets being in the. paths intersected in the one of the two fishes of Pisces directed towards the pole star.… continue reading »

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Thuban in the constellation Draco, but the current pole star is Polaris, the brightest. “a naked victim on one knee attacked by a dragon, occasionally a lion.… continue reading »

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The heaviest is sprawled on top of Shlomo Adler naked, the victims are going to their death led by. Some of the Poles, witnessing their terrible suffering, pitied them to the extent that they were even prepared to. by Rischa Seelenfreund.… continue reading »

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The north pole at this point! with my whole familly. i just look forward to spend. My walls in my new house are naked, and I'd love to print out some pictures.… continue reading »

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Feb 12, 2015. "Bare" Pole Show LA Music "Skin" by Rihanna Costumes by Kelly Maglia and Cast Choreographed by Leigh Ann Reilly With Dancers Anikia.… continue reading »

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