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However, Love began to gather strength again, causing the elements to congregate in clusters, and thereby creating life.

Eventually, the elements will form a second unity, a second "Sphere," and the cycle will reset.

As further developed by Aristotle in his Metaphysics, these elements all arise from the interplay of the properties of hotness and coldness, and dryness and wetness.

Fire (dry and hot) and water (wet and cold) are opposites, as are earth (dry and cold) and air (wet and hot).

In his online Bibliotheca Arcana, John Opsopaus includes several articles on The Ancient Greek Doctrine of the Elements.

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Since we know that Carl Jung (1), one of the founders of modern psychology, studied mystical literature and alchemy, we can easily conclude that his conceptualization of intuition, sensation, thinking and feeling as the four basic archetypes or components of personality is clearly a derivation of Empedocles' ancient theories about fire, earth, air and water. The Elements Four Elements for Unity Mensionization Complementation: The Four Elements Astrology Four Elements Chart Cross Cultural Comparison Elements Art Gallery (Angela Billodeau) BIBLIOTHECA ARCANA Articles copyright 1998 by John Opsopaus The Ancient Greek Doctrine of the Elements The Ancient Esoteric Doctrine of the Elements and The Rotation of Elements on this page The Four Elements image from button image adapted from Laren's Pagan Graphics (1) See also: Jung Web C. Jung Jungian Personality Test (2) See also: the alt.psychology.personality newsgroup and its archives: DDLI files DDLI support Valley/Vista/8405/Association for Psychological Type Modern Theories of Personality See also: The Alchemy site Gnosis Archive page is 1998 by Tracy Marks (Torrey Philemon at Ancient Sites) Go to: Torrey Philemon's Ancient Sites Web Page Index Note that because Ancient Sites folded in 2001, the author has relocated hundreds of her web pages on the classics and Greek and Roman mythology.

Earlier philosophers believed that the quality of matter depends on the quantity of a particular element.....

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