Pipe bore diameter dating

22-Apr-2017 12:10

Super Cub Colours 'Firecracker Red' was a standard BSA colour.

Louis Binford later devised a mathematical formula to refine Harrington's dating method and this gives the following table: 9/64 inch bore dates to 1590-1620 8/64 inch bore dates to 1620-1650 7/64 inch bore dates to 1650-1680 6/64 inch bore dates to 1680-1720 5/64 inch bore dates to 1720-1750 4/64 inch bore dates to 1750-1800 This approximate dating technique only definitively applies to pipe stems manufactured in England between about 15 but it might also be a guide for other European pipes.

Importantly the T20B tanks have threaded holes in the correct positions for the Triumph badges.

Pipe stem dating was first developed by archaeologist J. C. Harrington. Virginia, he discovered that pipe stem bore diameters became smaller over time.… continue reading »

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