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If you want to nonrev to Europe for example and want to know how much it is you'd have to ask a customer service agent or look it up one of those computer/kiosks at the airport.

Gate agents, well I only have experience with the gate agents in IAD..

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The ibis budget Stein Maastricht is located close to the highway A2 and easy to reach by car and public transport.A few months ago I was trying to jumpseat home on United mainline and the gate agent was just plain rude to me from the get go.(Bad enough that a United commuter who was standing nearby heard the whole thing and offered me apologies later.) I was nothing but polite. upgrade to first on domestic is like or something.Listing is very easy, however you can't see your rank like the delta travelnet, the website only shows how many nonrevs are listed which really sucks when you're trying to figure out your commute.