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Those CO2 molecules get into into plants by photosynthesis, the same way that carbon-12 does.Animals get C-14 by eating plants, although the radioactive form of carbon is far less common than carbon-12.The radioactive version constantly gets created in the atmosphere by the collision of cosmic rays with nitrogen in the air.This transforms into carbon-14 and combines with oxygen to form radioactive carbon dioxide.When an animal or plant dies, carbon no longer enters it.That is when the ratio of the radioactive isotopes (compared with non-radioactive) decreases, for C-14 gradually decays back into a non-radioactive form.If dinosaurs only lived many millions of years ago, then all of the carbon-14 should have decayed away millions of years ago.So why do we always seem to find that isotope of carbon when we do that testing on dinosaur bones?

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In a systematic summary, Stephen describes how the Jews had habitually ignored or rejected God’s messengers and messages. The Israelites had a long history of being “stiff-necked,” dating back to Exodus 32 when God’s anger burned after they made a golden calf to worship.But Stephen’s most personal indictment was that they were: 1. Stephen calls them an unfaithful and idolatrous people who refuse to worship God rightly.To have uncircumcised hearts and ears means that these religious leaders kept up external appearances of holiness, but were not internally changed by God’s words. To resist the Holy Spirit is to hear truth, but to reject and fight against it.In conservative Eastern cultures women tend not to reciprocate in intimacy during the early stage of the relationship.