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16-Apr-2017 02:23

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes prior to the performances but I do know that during the show producers stayed out of things.I even asked a producer if they wanted me to pause the show so things could get settled but they explained that they let things run their course, which is all part of their genius. Many of the rest of the guys were switching their seats to get closer to Jojo and they were all incredibly engaged in the performances.

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I was incredibly excited about the opportunity for Sunday Night Sex Talks to appear on The Bachelorette because it’s such an incredible platform, but I definitely had some reservations as things started to unfold. I wanted to make sure they were going to show my and my show in a positive light.

I have to say that Jojo seemed exactly the same when cameras were on and off. To be honest, my surprise about the filming was how calm it was (outside of some drama with the guys that you will see).

Producers were not running around, calling cut a million times, forcing guys and/or Jojo to do things (from what I saw, at least).

She gave me a run down of all the guys and how things had been at the house thus far.

This happened before the show began, in a sort of green-room space.

They assured me that it would be my show as it normally runs and that any drama would focus on the guys, not me. Granted, some of the guys seemed hip to the reveal when they walked into my show.