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16-Feb-2017 08:52

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below: On her relationship with Christina up to this point: We share an ex-husband together. So, we would make sure they saw each other and they’re in their sisters lives and vice versa and that’s where it stood. '” Nivea also spoke on the conversation she had with Wayne before publicly voicing her opinion on his relationship with Christina, getting criticism for getting along with Wayne and The Dream’s other baby’s mothers for the sake of their children and more.On how she felt upon learning that Christina is rumored to be dating Wayne: I really didn’t have any feelings outside of being a parent. Hit the flip to hear what else she had to say along with the full interview video.Antonia Toya Carter (1996-2006)- After dating since middle school, Lil Wayne married Antonia Toya Carter on February 14, 2004. They had a child in September of 2009, which is the same year that they broke up.They had a daughter in 1998 when Lil Wayne was only 15 years old. Lauren London (2006-2009)- There were rumors that Lil Wayne had several affairs with Lauren London from 1998 onward. Nivea (2002-2010)- According to some reports, Lil Wayne began dating the rapper, Nivea, in February of 2002.We’ll give you a second to let all that sink in, in case you didn’t already know those things.Expanding on the topic and making her disapproval of the relationship even more plain, Nivea recently sat down for an interview with Malcolm Music where she explained her previous relationship with Christina, the conversation she had with Wayne before going public with her comments about them dating and more.Although they separated in September of 2006, they were back together briefly in 20.

Lil Wayne’s reps have not confirmed or denied the rumor as of press time.

Messy just isn’t EVEN the word for this whole situation. Check out the full interview below for more from Nivea on Christina and Weezy, how the relationship affects their children, being approached about reality TV and more.

known professionally as Lil Wayne was born on September 27, 1982). In 1991, at the age of nine, Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo The B. Most of the group’s success came with their platinum-selling album Guerrilla Warfare (1999) and the 1999 single “Bling Bling”.

Check some of the excerpts from the interview below. Her thoughts on reality television: This generation is so disrespectful and reckless. If I was to do that, you would probably see a side of me that will people would not think that would be me.

Trina On being submissive in a relationship: In a relationship, I am the person that you are not going to be thinking I am. Her thoughts on men that she would date: I like cool guys.Her other decisions led to my involvement because she’s dealing with the other father of my youngest child. On speaking with Lil Wayne about how she felt before speaking on it publicly: What the public doesn’t know [is that], there was a conversation that’s already been had between Wayne and I before any of that.Not before they went public but, before I posted the video that I did. It was my way of saying to everyone “I don’t condone this.” You can’t control what people do in their lives.Last month, R&B singer Nivea threw some super shade at her ex Lil Wayne and rumored new boo-thang Christina Milian.

The two had a child together, Neal, born on November 30, 2009. It is Wayne's fourth child, and Nivea's first.… continue reading »

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