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Kim's somewhat twisted cinematic vision focuses on how the supposedly stable family unit comes apart under pressure.

The two-story home in which Kim sets his film acts as a symbol for Korea's modernizing middle class, yet behind the placid surface we see darker, more primitive elements penetrating into the family's space: construction workers intruding on their daily lives, rats running amok, and the housemaid herself, wreaking havoc with envy and sexual forthrightness.

As for the rest of the cast, Kim Jin-gyu brings a slightly aristocratic air to the role of Dong-shik, while Joo Jeung-nyeo plays the wife with a bland but stubborn determination to preserve appearances at all cost. A single father with two sons and two daughters makes a living by operating a horse-drawn cart.

The children excel in their roles too, including future star Ahn Sung-ki as the young son. However, in a city that is modernizing after the destruction of the Korean War, automobiles are making such carts obsolete, and he struggles to make ends meet.

A modern day equivalent to this capitalization on cross-media creativity was noted in a talk given at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2014 conference in Seattle by University of Ulsan professor Hwang Yun-mi.

Part of the panel "Genre in Contemporary East Asian Cinema" that she chaired, Hwang's talk was entitled "Contemporary Costume Drama in South Korea: Genre and Genrification".

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Other hits yielded through this practice include Confessions of a College Girl and Until the End of This Life" (p 223).

Our papa has contempt for his future son-in-law's profession, meteorology.

Like other sciences, meteorology is based on predicting the probability of events, which means there is always a chance of events diverging on rare occasions from the trend, but the statistical anomaly doesn't necessarily disprove the theory.

Romance Papa is another object of study on how necessary sartorial choices can be to character development.

Yet what follows as plot in Romance Papa is really a series of vignettes, aligning this film more with the episodic nature of modern-day TV serials than a medium demanding a status as a single unit.To refashion the cliché, everything new was old once.The theme that runs through the synced vignettes is of the father who is a hopeless romantic, a sentimental softie who is the kind of father who wants to frame his youngest daughter's first love letter.These are some reviews of the features released from the 1960s that have generated discussion and interest among film critics and/or the general public. Shin Sang-ok's Romance Papa begins with the artifice of introductions of each character.

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