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Champ (2010), Pure Love (2013 -cameo), Royal Villa (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016).

– In August 2017, he was involved in a sexual harassment incident. stated the charges have been dropped as the situation was caused by a misunderstanding. – Key helped design many of the costumes that SHINee members wore at concerts. – Key was in the global edition of “We Got Married” where he was paired with Ari Chan.

I think he grew progressively disenchanted with it, considering it was not what he signed up for to begin with I'm sorry to say this, but why do netizens always say things like ''this idol messed up, he/she could have been just like Suzy/Siwon'' when it's absolutely NOT the case ?

[ 136, -1] When I hear his name, all I remember is his 'Banolim' days more than his Super Junior days 2. Two of them adapted, improved their singing, and embraced being idols, but it's not fair to blame Kibum for feeling different.

– Taemin also has a tendency to loose things, which was the butt of many of SHINee’s jokes.

– Taemin’s official color is yellow and his fans are called “taemints” (because he would hand out candies to noonas).

– His hobbies are listening to music, dancing and playing the piano. – Taemin is known as “magic hand Taemin” because whatever he touches he either loses or breaks.

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– Minho’s official color is orange and his fans are called “flames” which comes from his title “Flaming charisma Minho”. He had to retrain his singing skills due to the surgery. (His mother was in poor health right after he was born and his father was busy with work, so his grandmother was the one who raised him.) – Education: Dae Gu Yeong Shin Middle School – He trained since 2005 S. In their concerts (Tokyo Dome Shinee World DVDs) if Key cries, Jjong is soon to follow and vice versa. – He was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. – Education: Chungwoon University, Major in Music Broadcasting. – Onew had a vocal polyps which was surgically removed mid 2015 which caused him to lose his voice for a while. – His nicknames are The Almighty Key, Kim Key, Key Umma. I am hurting too.” makes him burst out in laughter. – In SHINee he’s the 2nd in terms of how easy he cries.– Minho’s ideal type: “I like it when a girl pushes her hair our of her face by tucking her hair over her ear while she is working hard on something.

It’s the little things like this that I like.” Taemin – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. – Education: Hanlim Multi Art School (he transferred from Chungdam High School); Myongji University (Musical and Film major) – He trained since 2005 S. Open Weekend Audition Casting – His nicknames are Handy Boy Taemin, Maknae Taemin, Tae, Taememe, Dancing Machine, Taeminnie, Taem. – Taemin is close friends with Kai (EXO), Ravi (VIXX), Jimin (BTS), Timoteo (HOTSHOT) and Sungwoon (Wanna One).– Key’s ideal type: “It changes often, but lately the type I like is a mysterious woman who, after getting to know her better, is actually well-read and knowledgeable.” Minho – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. – Education: Konkuk University – Minho’s dad is a soccer coach so that’s where his love of soccer comes from. – When he was a child he dreamed of becoming a soccer player. – He acted in several dramas such as “Salamander Guru and The Shadow Operation Team” (2012), “To The Beautiful You” (2012), “Medical Top Team” (2013), “Because It’s The First Time” (2015), “Drinking Solo” (2016 – cameo), “Hwarang” (2016-2017), “Somehow 18” (2017), “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” (2017).– Minho won the New Star Award for his role in the drama “To The Beautiful You” during 2012 SBS Drama Awards.SHINee Members Profile: SHINee Facts and Ideal Types SHINee (샤이니) currently consists of: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. – Onew’s official color is green and his fans are called “MVPs” because of his line in the lyrics of the song “Replay”: “Noona you’re my MVP”. – He acted in the drama Drinking Solo (2016) and “Lookout” (2017). They are featured a lot in Key’s social media sites.

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