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10-May-2017 08:02

Beautiful Actress Georgie Henley belongs the category who has successfully managed her love life and her professional life side by side.She is known to be having a long run relationship with her partner, who is he? The Chronicles of Narnia's Lucy, Georgie Henley, is speculated to be dating the handsome hunk, Skandar Keynes.I remember, I was terrified at the whole experience. I remember seeing her, and she was very energetic and was bouncing off the walls. It was something I wanted to overcome, so I can go and live in Lebanon. And, academically, I find history"ancient and modern"very interesting." On the films featuring universal messages: "These films have a religious undertone. They're not necessarily Christian messages, but universal ones.I was very intimidated by the whole thing and all the new people. We all clicked and we were very grateful for that." On what he's studying at Cambridge University: "I don't have acting projects lined up right now.

Q: When Narnia 4 is made, will Skandar and Georgie appear in it?

Although Georgie is believed to be earning a huge amount from her profession, she is yet to reveal her net worth to the media.