Gay speed dating events toronto

25-Jul-2017 12:36

A low key, sophisticated approach to lesbian dating in Toronto.

Preferring a 'less is more' environment devoid of typical event trappings.

Denise Benson — a legendary DJ in the Toronto music scene — has been hosting numerous women’s dance nights around the city since the late 1980s.

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As someone who lives in what my best friend calls “the buckle of the fruit belt,” I immediately noticed a marked reduction in the number of women I’d see in the Village.

“In January we started having games set up on the tables.

There’s cards, Uno, checkers, dominos and even Twister on the dance floor.

There were fewer females on the street during the daytime hours, and weekend evenings were now strangely silent, bereft of the drunken lesbian break-ups that would frequently take place mere feet from our bedroom window.

While I don’t miss being woken at 2am with stentorian cries of “motherfucker,” I do feel a real absence of the vibrant, sexy and strong gals whose presence gives so much to any neighbourhood, queer or otherwise. Where are lesbian and bisexual women hanging out these days?Even if you don’t have any romantic matches, you may discover some good friends.”As a performer, promoter and former club owner, Maggie Cassella knows the Toronto scene inside and out.And for those of us wringing our hands at the seeming paucity of double-X chromosomes on Church Street, she offers little sympathy but much-needed perspective.“Oh for fuck’s sake! “Honestly, I feel like I’ve had this conversation for years.“Women will actually leave together in groups even though the event is over, and hang out with people they’ve met from the group.