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23-Apr-2017 19:34

Not long after I had stocked the fridge with alcohol, Jen messaged me telling me she was on her way.I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on snapping pictures as the evening played out, so I planned ahead by placing a camera on the counter that would continuously take pictures.I took a picture of Jen completely bare and squirming on top of the covers. The "countdown" was nearing zero and a seriousness fell on both of us. All three of us sat and made awkward small talk as if we didn't know what we were there to do.We sat on the bed facing each other and had the most intimate, meaningful conversations we have ever had. Prior to his arrval, Jen had expressed numerous times how insecure she is about her body and she was afraid he wouldn't find her attractive. When she returned, I stood up infront of her as she approached the side of the bed.I proceeded to unfasten her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, removed her shorts, then her panties.I stood back from her and noticed the look on Kal's face that did not reflect any disappointment whatsoever.As I continued providing her with oral, I looked up to see that Kal had moved into a standing position by the bed.

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We all continued to talk as if we were just sitting around a table at a restaraunt.Like there wasn't a beautiful nude woman just laying there. I removed my shirt, crawled onto the bed, and positioned my head between Jen's legs.I took one long slow lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. With a flat, broad tongue I began slowly circling her clit.I could feel her heat on my face and her juice collecting on my chin.

Her breathing became heavy with intermittent soft moans.Kal sat in the chair inches from us with his eyes fixated on Jen's body.He began "working on himself" as I continued to eat her out.The whole time I was waiting, Jen is sending me pictures of her various amazing body parts.

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