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28-Mar-2017 07:01

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So I took off my clothes and went out back with her, and all I could see were people fucking.

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REPLY Hi, I came from a family that was broken up by a woman half my father’s age.

I was still really horny because condom sex really does nothing for me and you can't have sex without one at the swingers club.

The only guy out of the 8 I fucked that did anything for me was the black guy Anie fucked.

If I didn't make her cum before I left for work, she would spend the day eating my head about it.

One day I literally just wasn't in the mood and left for work without even having sex with her, and the shit started almost right away.I had sex with 7 more guys there before they closed the doors at 3am.Anie and I went back to her place, and she did nothing but complain about how sore she was.Then she asked me if I wanted to know everything, and of course I said yes.