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15-Mar-2017 18:21

Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, approves of women wearing "modest pants," and so Jinger is now allowed to wear them.Too bad for Joy-Anna, who has said she doesn't like dresses but wears them for her husband."I don’t think it’s necessarily a rule," Jill clarified during an episode of (Photo Credit: Instagram) If you're wondering why you never hear from the other dozens of Duggar kids, it's because they're not allowed to have social media yet.It's only after a Duggar is married that they're allowed to have a social media account.(Photo Credit: TLC) The Duggars are huge fans of side hugs.

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Whenever they want to watch episodes of their TV show, they usually have a watch party over at a friend's house.Siblings of the opposite sex are not allowed to be alone together, play hide-and-seek together, babysit one another, and even sit on each other's laps.Out of all the rules on this list, this one is by far the most disturbing.Joy-Anna Duggar accidentally broke this rule when cameras captured her hugging husband Austin Forsyth after accepting his proposal.

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"We're humans and sometimes we don't always abide perfectly by our rules," Austin said during the (Photo Credit: Instagram) Although the Duggars aren't allowed to hug or hold hands during the courting process, once they're married they're expected to have sex — and lots of it.

"God has created us to have natural physical desire toward men," Jill, Jessa, Jana, 24, and Jinger, 20, collectively write in their 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar.

Michelle and Jim Bob's list of Duggar family dating rules is extensive, to say the least, and they're very strict about every single one. So, it's a bit.… continue reading »

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The Duggars' rules of romance. Though Duggar custom calls for a theme. Guidelines aren't just for dating. The family has other house rules.… continue reading »

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