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This knowledge has done wonders for my self-esteem, because now I know that he was projecting his feelings surrounding his mother (whom he has felt a strong sense of responsibility towards since his father left the family when he was a young boy) on to me when our relationship was growing more intimate and serious. It was one of those guilt-filled, what-did-I-do-to-deserve-this-lectures. All of a sudden everything had shifted, and I couldn’t help it. Mike’s story is a clear description of the way an encounter with Mother can affect a MEM’s feeling for his girlfriend or wife.The following is a story from the book that particularly resonated with me. I was used to them, and I didn’t think it affected me very much. But he might be ‘triggered’ like this even if he doesn’t get a phone call from Mom.

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I’d like to see her again since she was nice, but I’m not sure there was a love connection.

Interestingly, Epstein is also the "consultant" that was suddenly hired by NBC in 1995, when NBC was making a program for national TV on the confession of James E.