Dating without an annulment

09-Jul-2017 05:55

At present, I am seeing someone on a regular basis. During the past year, I applied for an Annulment in the Catholic Church so I can be free to marry again.First, she advises individuals to consider the possibility of reconciliation with an ex-spouse.Second, she encourages readers to go through the declaration of nullity (or annulment) process.Until such time as your marriage has been annulled, the Catholic Church expects you to behave as a married person when it comes to socializing on a one-to-one basis., because this book is so much more than a “how-to” book on finding a perfect mate; rather, this guide offers an entirely holistic approach to help the divorced Catholic find healing and peace.Those reading this book will be affirmed in Christ’s love, fortified in His teachings on marriage, and encouraged by Duffy’s own personal journey.Lisa Duffy’s friendly and uplifting tone radiates off the page.

This book weaves together personal stories, clear Church teaching, and great practical advice in an empathetic and abundantly hopefully manner.

Duffy explains that receiving a declaration of nullity about one’s first marriage is not merely necessary for marrying in the Church, but “if approached with a heart that is open to seeking God’s will and desires healing,” the annulment process itself can help an individual grow in self-knowledge, learn from mistakes, and grow spiritually while gaining complete confidence in the direction of one’s life.

Third, Duffy emphasizes the importance of healing spiritually and emotionally in order to be available to love another person unconditionally.

As Pope Francis says, such a person has a big heart open to God and others.

A magnanimous person knows their life has a greater purpose; this is both attractive to others and a recipe for a successful future relationship.While the scope of the book does not allow for an in-depth look at all these topics, the author provides a very thorough appendix of helpful books that discuss these subjects in further detail.In the chapter “Being Faithful,” Duffy shares her own experiences with God’s mercy in her life through Eucharistic adoration and reception of the Church’s sacraments.God has a unique plan for each person and Duffy asks the reader to be open to discovering that plan.