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Again, I am a woman and I speak from my experiences with my peer group and from what I have heard dozens of times among them.

After many years of marriage, in some cases, men forget to treat their wife as a woman needs to be treated.

There are the very rare situations when guys are naturally romanticists and never stop romancing their wives. They are still that chivalrous knight in shining armor.

Then there are engineering types, techie types like my own husband who have trouble with the romantic, flowery stuff.

When a man is treating his pet dog with more tender loving care, compliments and praise, and physically loving the animal with stroking more than their wives, we have a problem. There's a joke that is making its founds on the Internet that goes something like this: A woman is looking in a mirror and says to her husband nearby, "I feel horrible, I look old, fat, and ugly. The Husband replies, "Your eyesight is damn near perfect." Yet it is a known, well-researched fact that as different as the hormones estrogen and testosterone are in women and men, loving language and verbalization -- sweet nothings -- are much more important to women for their psyche, well being, and libido.

Some women aren't even demanding to be made to feel desirable, but just to be made to feel worthy.

When he says I look great or growls or the rare occasion when he sees me, I know that is the ultimate compliment from him. Sometimes it is enough, and sometimes there is a longing for more. Some women get absolutely shut out in the way of sweet nothings.

So, my advice for the day to all the guys out there is to try a little kindness.

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None of these couples broke up due to abuse, infidelity, or anything that would automatically spell divorce, but rather it was a general malaise in the marriage.

There is always a few to a long list of things life throws at us causing discontent.

Lots of my peers with this kind of malaise or discontentment plan to stick it out -- the grass doesn't look a whole lot greener when you are in advanced middle age and the dating pool doesn't include young studs and slim wrinkle-free beauties.

Some marriages remain intact because the alternative seems much worse or too terrifying to try. I blame this mostly on the convergence of male and female menopause.

Men go through hormonal changes just like women do and it makes for two very testy people living under the same roof.I know men who are crankier and more crotchety than females in this era of life.Now granted, I am only speaking from the female perspective, and this is before I hear from every similarly neglected male calling me names and screaming at me in comments below that "it is a two way street" and blah, blah blah. There is enough blame to pass around equally plenty of times.The shift toward this “Western European Marriage Pattern” does not have a clear beginning, but it certainly had become established by the end of the sixteenth century on most of the shores of the North Sea.

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