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Arcas initially played Spanish guitars, probably in the style of Martinez and Panormo early in his career.

Later Arcas worked with Torres in the 1850's and 1860's to slightly customize the Torres guitar to his specifications (Tarrega was born in 1852, thus the Torres was already established).

Giuliani's close friend, the famous composer Franz Schubert played a Stauffer.

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Jimmy Westbrook's book shows actual photos of Aguado's later guitars: these are nearly as large as modern concert guitars and are surprising to see in a French design.Just like today, some builders made expensive, highly-prized concert guitars, while other makers made cheap household guitars, and every level inbetween.Some makers achieved great playing guitars with tremendous power and tone, while others made ornate instruments for social graces.There were plain-looking guitars for musicians (which often have surprisingly good tone quality and power), and ordinary household guitars for students.

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