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13-Jun-2017 19:51

The main problem with most nav updates (whether free or not) is that buyers have no way of knowing in advance exactly what they’re purchasing.

While nav software suppliers may offer general info such as how many new addresses and routes they include in a particular download, they seldom, if ever, get specific.

So when a vehicle owner graduates to a ride with built-in factory navigation, they can be excused for expecting the same level of service with map updates as their humble little portables provided.

After all, if a navigation device company can provide free updates on a 0 unit, surely a carmaker can do the same on a K SUV.

You can even get gamin maps for activities such as sailing and kayaking. Google keeps costs down by using crowdsourcing, but this will affect reliability, but even then their costs on maps is probably running into billions.

However, there is no advertising, or many particularly interested in advertising on them.

Onboard vehicle navigation systems have become a very popular option for many vehicles, including lower-priced, entry-level units. They’re built into factory infotainment systems, provide turn-by-turn navigation, have verbal reminders, and some of the more advanced units can allow you to take the most fuel-efficient way to your destination, or avoid construction.

But often the love affair between factory nav systems and their owners hits a major detour when it comes time to update them.

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If you’re planning to buy a new vehicle, think about the down-the-road costs of map updates and ask for this info in advance.

You may decide to go with your smartphone or a portable unit, but check the instrument panel real estate to make sure you can mount one safely without a windshield distraction.

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