Consolidating power ancient rome

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They both fled to Oescus where they joined with the governor of Upper and Lower Moesia Trebonianus Gallus.

Despite early success, Decius and his son (as well as most of their army) became entrapped in a swamp and died at the Battle of Abrittus.

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Although some historians believe Decius was reluctant to battle Philip, the armies of the two emperors met at Beroea in Macedonia where Decius defeated and killed Philip.

Shortly afterwards, Philip’s young son and heir was killed at the Praetorian camp in Rome. He would be the first in a long line of emperors from the Balkans.

Decius declared that all citizens had to not only sacrifice to the Roman gods but also observe pagan rituals, something that both Jews and Christians, since the reign of Nero, had always refused to do.

While Christians were not ordered to give up their faith, torture and execution were common for those who refused to demonstrate allegiance - even Pope Fabianus of Rome was not spared.

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Roman legions under the ineffective command of the governor there were deserting to the invading Goths who were angry because Philip had cut indemnity payments.In addition, in order to associate himself with the Roman emperor Trajan, Decius even adopted the name of Trajanus.After the emperor’s death, the persecutions ceased, only to be reborn under Emperor Diocletian fifty years later.Unfortunately for Priscus, although the exact date in unknown, he was killed by his new allies before he could enjoy the benefits of the imperial office.