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Serial numbers 40,000-145,000 1925-1932 The New Wonder Series II (Chu Berry) More experimentation from 1928-1934 leading to the M series.

The directors model horns (14M alto, 16M tenor) introduced in 1955 The famous "Naked Lady" engraving disappears in 1959.

I have only addressed instruments for which there is a regular and established market, so not every model is included.

I am well aware that some will question my figures and criticize my findings.

Horns were either silver, gold or nickel plated or bare brass 1912-1917: The New Invention models. The micro tuner neck first itroduced on altos in 1922. Many unique and experimental combinations were seen. Serial number range 249,200-260,000 1934-1947 The M series with rolled tone holes.

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Relacquers are generally worth 25% less than 100% originals.The 6M and 10M were still manufactured until the closing of the Elkhart factory in 1969. Most of these records were destroyed along with many previous records.At least to the best of my knowledge, no 6M's or 10M's were made at the Nogales plant or in Mexico. 1976 (83,000)-1980 (145,001 The Henkin era/UMI: After Daniel Henkin bought Conn in 1980, he did his best to restore the reputation of this once great company.BUESCHER TRUE TONE 5XXX – 254XXX These are very common horns, which play rather nicely when set up properly.