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Check back soon or email the City demographer, [email protected], for more information.Seattle is a city of neighborhoods of diverse character and strong identities.Some neighborhoods may overlap and be referred to by different names by community members.To clarify neighborhood boundaries for the purposes of data reporting and monitoring, we have selected four different neighborhood geographies. There are 53 CRAs composed from one to six census tracts.Maps are also provided for the overall share of the population who speak a language other than English and those who say they speak English less than very well.

Detailed guidance for accessing disaggregated data for detailed race/ethnic groups - We are creating a guide, and will included a link to it here, with more tips on accessing data for detailed race/ethnic groups from the Census Bureau and other sources.

Maps on Race and Ethnicity This series of maps show 2010 Census estimates for Census tracts in Seattle.

They indicate the share of population who are: Maps on Language Spoken This mapping app provides Census tract-level estimates from the ACS for the shares of population (age 5 and older) who speak the following languages at home: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, African Languages, Tagalog, Korean, and Mon-Khmer.

Language concentrations on these maps are best viewed as general locations of language communities. Descriptions and links for accessing data are below.

DP05: DEMOGRAPHIC AND HOUSING ESTIMATESDP02: SELECTED SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICSDP03: SELECTED ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICSDP04: SELECTED HOUSING CHARACTERISTICSThis Excel spreadsheet contains links to these tables for a broader set of geographies (Seattle, King County, the larger metro area and metro division, WA state, and the U. Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM) OFM produces annual population estimates by age, sex, race and Hispanic/Latino origin for the state and county, and for small areas including school districts and census tracts. S.-wide comparisons.) 2012-2016 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates on demographic characteristics in Seattle Notes: The most up to date 1-year and 5-year ACS estimates about Seattle's residents and households are available on the Census Bureau's Fact Finder data portal. Census Bureau Population Estimate Program: 704,352 on July 1, 2016 (Note: best used for for U.The Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM): The Washington state Office of Financial Management The Office of Financial Management's Forecasting Division compiles housing data as part of its financial and growth management functions. Census Bureau Data Census Bureau programs that provide data on housing at a community and neighborhood level include: The Census Bureau operates two major programs that provide data on people and households based on place of residence down to the city level and neighborhood levels: Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) PSRC provides a variety of economic data, including estimates of employment, and produces forecasts at a wide range of geographic scales as part of their work to support planning in the region.

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