Christian response carbon dating

22-May-2017 19:13

In other words, the ice core graph shows that temperature controls the carbon dioxide levels.

When the Bible refers to a person, did that person exist?

Reason 12: The Bible: Archeological Evidence Proves the Bible Is the Bible the Word of God?

Some might respond that the Bible is just a book written by men, a mythology with little truth.

Retired scientists and engineers and teams of helpers are independently auditing official reports. In 2009, world carbon markets turned over 0 billion dollars.

If a new global carbon market was created it will become a trillion market, the largest commodity market in the world (bigger than oil).

Then I found out that there was another side to the story, and I was shocked. Over billion dollars has been fed into one side of a scientific question, while almost none has been put into auditing the reports, checking the results, or investigating other theories.

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