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__Glamour: What should people know about the hunger epidemic in this country? I feel very close to Sarah, but I haven't seen her. I've read copiously about JFK's time and LBJ's time in office, and the history of the Vietnam war. Chris Noth:__When they first came and approached me about this campaign, I found myself listening to the facts--which are pretty startling. I didn't know there were 16 million children going hungry, waking up hungry, and I didn't know that one in six people are deprived of food.__Glamour: What was most shocking to you? (laughing) I'm like, ' Oh God with that name. covers a lot of different ground and a lot of different story lines. And I wish I wouldn't, but I read *The New York Times* every day. To take his comment any other way would be a ' Big' mistake." Though Parker was unavailable for comment, her rep also noted that Noth was "clearly joking."SATC writer Jenny Bicks, however, had this to say: "Oh my God, that's such a ' Big' thing to say! He's lucky she married him in the end." On Thursday, the day after his comment blew up online, Noth's manager released the following statement to Buzz Feed News: "It's interesting that a show that was so fun and irreverent about everything has to be taken with such hysterical reverence when you talk to the media.I will totally agree with Chris (and one generally should, as he is very big) on the fact that Carrie was a strong, smart woman (most of the time). Yesterday, Chris Brown posted this photo of himself wearing his hair in a mini bun.“This how most of yall ladies be looking after the club! His post was an obvious dig at black women who take their hair extensions out when they sweat out their weave at the club."The relationship just didn't work, and he went on to get married while she went on to … "Well, I'm sure Chris was kidding when he joked that, note the laugh afterwards," Sex and the City writer and executive producer Michael Patrick King told Buzz Feed News exclusively via email."We always had a wonderful time working on SATC and I know he has the greatest affection for SJP as an actress and a friend.

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Now he'll be forced to testify against her in my court case, and the truth will finally come out." Noth adds, "There is no basis to the claims Ms. CN:__ I knew that hunger is a problem in this country…I didn't know that hunger was such a big problem right here in [New York City]. __Glamour: You must still get asked that a lot, no? If I hear it one more time, I'm gonna explode! It's a network, and you only get 42 minutes with the commercials, and you've got this big ensemble. My favorite time of *Sex In The City* was the first year and a half of it before anyone knew what it was. CN:__ Some of the focus was a little bit on the wrong stuff, you know? So, I know what's going on, but I'm not gonna go, 'I'm gonna steal that little bit from Mitt Romney or President Obama.' ____Glamour: Now that you're married and have a chlld, has that affected the roles you look at to take? You look around New York, and we are surrounded by restaurants and food trucks, and we celebrate food in this city like no tomorrow. Being able to walk through it--you really are in it. You don't feel that you're in it there.__Glamour: Now, you know that me, all my colleagues at is flourishing...__Glamour: Totally. I'm not the star of the show, I'm actually a sort of glorified guest artist on it. I think the writing's superb on [], but again, they're juggling a lot of balls, so when my story line comes up there's only so much time to do it in. We could do the work and celebrate it and have a good time and not be hounded. I mean that's a good thing in one sense, but in another way it kind of ruined it for us, you know? I think fashion was one of the things that informed it, but it wasn't about fashion. Really, the core of it, was the friendship between the four girls through thick or thin and the evolution of that and living in the city in today's world. __Glamour: If you could have anyone from *Sex and The City* guest star on *The Good Wife*, do you have a first choice? I did a movie called *Lovelace* and [Sarah Jessica [Parker(/about/sarah-jessica-parker) is in it, but I didn't have a scene with her. On the original *Law and Order* that I was on, one of the first episodes was with [Cynthia Nixon](/about/cynthia-nixon). CN:____ Actually, yes, because the idea of traveling for a long time is less palatable, and I used to love that. In 2016 it was confirmed that transgender actress Laverne Cox was dating Jono Freedrix, president of The Virtual Stage, a Vancouver-based film and theater company.


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