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” She later worked as an academic at the University of California, San Diego.A Turkish archaeologist born in 1916, she became the first Muslim women to compete in the Olympics in the 1936 Berlin games as a fencer.She declined an invitation to meet Adolf Hitler on political grounds, and after the conclusion of the Second World War, she trained as an architect and later worked as an academic in Turkey and Germany.An English mathematician and writer born in 1815, she became the world’s first computer programmer.Overcoming these difficulties in a remarkable way, she became a researcher in the field of communication and created a number of scientific works concerning the development of education of deaf-blind children. A South African singer and civil rights activist born in Johannesburg in 1932, she was forced to work as a child following her father’s death.She became a teenage mother after a brief and allegedly abusive marriage at 17, before she was discovered as a singer of jazz and African melodies.Earlier this week, R’n’B megastar Rihanna was photographed in a passionate cinch with an as-of-then unidentified man.

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So yeah I object to him and his fellow men.” Jameel is not a member of the Saudi royal family.

Both successful entrepreneurs in their own right, Jameel and Rihanna make for a well-matched (and genetically blessed) couple.