Bulova dating system

20-Jul-2017 11:50

Bulova Company to the Bulova Watch Company, thereby providing an important date reference for these watches based on the movement signature.That is, any watch movement with the signature "Bulova W. Moreover, that change corresponds nicely with the introduction of movement date codes.This is because there are no model numbers stamped on them.There are often date codes and/or serial numbers, however, which can help you determine how old the watch is.

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Rather they bear one of the "American Standard" case signatures.Those designs were used on many watches produced over a number of years, and the applicable patent date in no way indicates when any particular watch was produced.Below are images showing the two patent dates that often cause confusion.(For a list of those codes, visit Bulova Date Codes.) Additionally, the case serial numbers on those early watches tend to begin with "1" or "2" and appear to bear no correlation to the date the watch was made.

In 1924, Bulova started using a system of date "symbols" on their movements. These date symbols can be used to date pre-1950 Bulova watches.… continue reading »

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Bulova Serial numbers manufacture dates. These must have been the first years that Bulova implemented it's new dating system.… continue reading »

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