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Brandon then reassured Stella in the midst of her worry that their friends, Bloom and Sky, were alright on their private mission away from Alfea and that she should not be scared now that they are together.

At the very end of the season finale, Stella and Brandon had begun dating during the end-of-the-year celebration, with Bloom even making a toast to their official status as a couple.

Stella and Brandon are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club.

Starting as friends with a mutual romantic interest in the other, both characters were introduced in Season 1 when Stella introduced him to her new friend, Bloom, shortly after he and the other Specialists helped them fight a Hunting Troll.

In "Friends in Need," Stella proposed that the Winx call the boys over to "help" them with cleaning the school.

After the Winx and Specialists managed to defeat the minotaur that was conjured up by the Trix, Sky gave Stella a kiss on the cheek just before leaving.

When he got called back into training by Codatorta, Sky offered to help the Winx if they needed it and expressed concern for Stella's well being.

Throughout the season, the pair continued to strengthen their bond by casual flirting.

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The two reconciled during a break in the waves of attacks carried out by the Trix near the Season 1 finale and are confirmed as an official couple by the end of the season.Through Sponsus, Brandon realized that Stella was dying due to a severe lack of sunlight.The two were later brought to see Amentia, the high-strung princess of Downland and, unfortunately, Amentia became smitten with Brandon, demanding that he be her husband.After becoming acquainted with the Winx's new friend, a princess named Aisha, Stella and Bloom accompanied Aisha in her mission to save her Pixie friends from the clutches of Lord Darkar.