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15-Jul-2017 05:15

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Use our 7 best online dating profile photo tips to improve the pictures on your page.And there’s a helpful Check List at the end to help you get it right 🙂 Click the ‘Next’ button below to get the first tip…

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I love that this question is limited to three words, because then you really have to think about the best three words that describe you.

Below are ones that they recommend, so get ready to start messaging your matches.

I think this question is *very* telling of someone's personality.

Seeing what type of sense of humor someone has helps, too, since you can gauge if it's similar to yours or way off track from what you find funny.

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Maybe jokes and comical situations that they find innocent, you find vulgar, or vice versa.

Do they make time to meditate each morning, or do they rush out of bed and out the door?