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The reviewing process is highly demanding, leading to a rejection rate that is approximately 70 % and rising.

Manuscript evaluation times vary but decisions on peer-reviewed papers typically take approximately 4–5 weeks.

78001 at University of Exeter, Innovation Centre, Rennes Drive, Exeter EX4 4RN, UK, and is also a Registered Charity, No. Its scope extends to all flowering and non-flowering taxa, and to taxonomic and evolutionary questions particularly when these are addressed using molecular tools.

does not levy page charges, provides electronic reprints and 25 hard copy reprints of each article free of charge, supplies a complimentary printed copy of the issue to each corresponding author and makes no charge for colour plates where these carry useful information or enhance clarity.

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It is published monthly in both electronic and printed forms with at least two extra issues each year that focus on a particular theme in plant biology.

Issues published between 18 may be downloaded free of charge if your institution has subscribed to this service.

For non-subscribers, a pay per view service is available for each article published in the past 12 months or prior to 1993.

All papers aim to advance knowledge and make a difference to our understanding of plant science.

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The Annals of Botany Company is a Limited Company registered in England No. These include those applying molecular, analytical, mathematical and statistical techniques to examine topical questions at any level of biological organization ranging from cell to community, from tissue culture to crop production, and from microclimate to ecosystem.

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