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I am also studying to become an IWPP with QC School of Wedding Planning. The school im planning to go to has Management, Public Relations and Marketing.I am familiar with the Visa application; does anyone know of anywhere that would be willing to offer a paid work opportunity for a UK Graduate? I can't seem to figure out which to choose as a major.Do prep yourself for lots of hard work and also initial rejections - it is a part of the game!Okay, so I am surrently in the process of studying wedding consulting & event planning.You can pretty much pick any school to go to, but I would suggest going to one that will affiliate you with a wedding planning orginazation once you've completed the course. I own my own event planning company which I started in July of 2009.I have had a few clients but alot have fallen through.I have now hit a wall and really need some solid information on how to gain more clientele and business.

I am currently in the Boston area and looking to transition from Office Manager/Exec. You may contact me at [email protected] you do not mind answering some questions for me. Hi All, I am a corporate event planner at a hospital in the Boston area.

Example: "Thank you for your purchase, your tickets will be held at the box office on the day of the performance.

Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of changing careers and am very interested in becoming an event planner.

I am very outgoing, friendly, organized and creative.

I have always been interested in becoming an Event Planner and opening my own business.

I currently live in Southern California and plan on moving to Central Florida next year...this a smart field to get into? There are so many spelling and grammatical errors, it's quite the turn off..