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Conversely, output decreased in Iraq (due to the trade embargo) and Morocco (due to phytosanitary problems).

In 1998-2000, an average of almost 500 000 tonnes of dates were exported annually with a total value of about US8 million.

These high prices are achieved by growing varieties such TABLE 15Export prices achieved by leading exporting countries Source: FAOSTATIt is interesting to note the price that France achieves on its re-exports mainly to other European countries.Asia dominates the export market by far in terms of volume, but further analyses show that North Africa has 26 percent of the market in terms of value, while it represents only 8 percent in terms of quantity.This is a clear reflection of North Africa's strategy to target the high value markets of Europe.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights.

120 top 3 dating sites sold to only 75-30

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Zaid Date Production Support Programme Updated by Pascal Liu, FAO Date production is a world agricultural industry producing about 5.4 million metric tonnes (Mt) of fruit.

Trade figures indicate that about 93 percent of the date harvest is consumed locally and that by far the majority of these palms are not of the well-known export varieties.